Light up the night

String lights lighting up the yard
glowing volleyball
Give the kids something to do with light up balls, lit volleyball courts, lit cornhole and glowing soccer balls.

Light it up! For families, vacation often involves full days and empty nights with not too much to do. When my kids look at the hotel options, they are always wondering what they can do at the hotel. Shuffleboard and ping pong can be a blast, but as soon as the sun sets they become less fun.

Adding lights to various games is a way to make them more visually appealing and turns them into a safe and fun night time activity. Whether you get a glow-up volleyball and add string lights to the net or use glow in the dark paint on games you already have such as shuffleboard or ping pong, you make guests want to spend time at your hotel instead of away from it and build a sense of loyalty to your hotel that goes beyond the room rate.