Make them Dizzy

collage of images showing spinning and moving chairs

Instagram Marketing Tips for Hotels

Boomerangs and Spinning Chairs

outdoor spinning chair
My daughters dashed toward these chairs at a restaurant and within seconds were posting Boomerangs

Want a tip?  Add spinning chairs to your hotel or resort for more visibility online.  Spinning chairs are not only Instagrammable but they are fun. Put in a chair that spins and watch the kids take videos for TikTok and Instagram and see your resort be promoted to the next generation.

What are Instagram Boomerangs?

Boomerangs are short videos that are sped up and looped. Perfect for spinning this makes the video fun and unexpected.

Hammocks also work as they make great backdrops for photos. Place your hammocks in front of a great background. Does it show off your resorts best assets?  Before you know it, you’ll see boomerang videos on the hammocks and see your resort tagged and shared.

In lobbies, they give children something to do during the check-in procedure which makes the entire experience more enjoyable for everyone involved and may just draw in passersby who want to take a spin and take a photo (thus advertising for you!).

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