Improve efficiency & solve improve staffing in your restaurant… hint: NFT’s are your answer

phones with qr codes

What if you could run your restaurant more efficiently, with less staff, and improve customer service?

While QR codes modernized technology in restaurants by putting menu access in the customer’s hands, there’s a new technology that is more efficient, cost-effective, and sure to put your restaurant ahead of competitors. NFT codes allow you to tap and go. No camera is needed.  NFT tags are inexpensive.  You can program them with your restaurant’s menu, and guests can tap their phone and go directly to the menu.   That’s nice but how could it improve efficiency and customer service and lower my labor costs? 

What if you took it one step further, and with a tap,  customers placed orders directly to the kitchen and bar?

OneDine uses NFT tags to allow drive customers to their software that, allows them to place orders directly to the kitchen or bar.  To stay ahead in the restaurant game, you should consider this technology.

NFC allows customers to place an order to the kitchen. Then, it notifies servers of what to bring out and the exact location (table) to bring it. On a recent trip to Texas, I experienced this efficiency, setting the restaurant apart from competitors. I walked in, sat down, and with a tap, my phone brought me to a webpage where I could place any order to my table.

The server came over and explained that he could either take my order or I could place it through the site that had popped up on my phone; we first ordered through the server. However, my daughter decided she wanted fries after he left, and she added that on her phone. Ordering through the webpage was extremely simple and efficient. Mid-meal I wanted another drink, and rather than waiting for my server to check on me; I put the order in myself. Within two minutes, he brought it out. When I finished my meal, there was no need to wait for the check to be brought out. I paid the bill on the website, leaving a 20% tip for my server.

Upon leaving the restaurant, I mused that the service was excellent. When I thought a little further about why it was so great, I realized that, in theory, as the customer, I had complete control over when I was served a drink or when to pay the bill. It was easy; it sped up the process for my server and cut indirect communication. 

Are you looking to decrease staff turnover, increase profitability, and improve customer service? Owning or working at a restaurant is not easy. Serving people in a world where attention spans and patience are at an all-time low can lead to burnout and stress. Luckily, OneDine’s NFC data-sharing technology may be your solution. Here’s how…..

  • More efficient service allows you to serve more people and turn tables over more quickly.
  • Better service leads to better tips for your staff
  • Lower labor for staff leads to higher retention for you

Everything about the NFC system has proved to be simple, effective, and brilliant, and if your restaurant hasn’t started looking into implementing it, I believe you should book a demo.
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