Murals – Make it Instagram-able

mural collage of walls with art

Mural  Tourism Marketing

wall of plants
While not exactly a mural, these potted plants made a great artistic backdrop for photos

Want to attract the younger traveler to your destination?  Before we headed to Palm Springs on vacation, my girls had their route mapped based on mural art around the region.  We spent a fun day exploring the towns and taking pictures by murals.  The girls posted on Snapchat, Instagram and TikTok, tagging the locations and unwittingly marketing the destination. Murals are a destination for young travelers

Murals are an amazing way to get people to advertise for you for free.

Everyone loves getting photos that are visually interesting to share on social media. One easy way to make that selfie extra fun is by taking pictures in front of something that will draw the viewer’s attention, such as a mural. Murals and wall art turn plain, ugly walls into an Instagramable destination.  This means people who may have never planned to visit your location will seek it out just to take a photo and thus discover your business. In addition, the Instagram user will add your location to the post. When their friends see the post they will learn about your business and destination. We call this Mural Tourism.