Hotel Tips for Using QR Codes to Boost Sales and Improve Efficiency

QR Code Sign on a Beach for a Restaurant on a bench

By now most business owners know that having QR Codes for quick access to menus is common practice.  If you haven’t adopted this practice, you should, having QR Codes on your tables, allows diners to start looking at the menu before being handed the menu, which means faster turnover for tables.  Frequently, hostesses don’t hand out all menus (cocktail, dessert, beer list) but some diners will want to plan all aspects of their dining experience, having that at the table is powerful.  Here are other tips for improving food sales and boosting efficiency.

  1. Help diners think about take-out and catering by having those menu QR codes available from the table
  2. Place a large QR Code with – Order your take-out from XYZ Restaurant at your pool and at your beach entrance.
  3. Tease your guests with links to book your other experiences: Massages, Golf Tee Times, Tennis Lessons wherever they may spend time relaxing.

The opportunities are endless, checkout?  Sure, a QR Code works for that.  Be sure that the copy around the QR Code clearly tells the guest what they can do when they scan the code.