Content Marketing Tips for Tourism Marketing for Accommodating Seniors

Senior on driving tour in Paris

Traveling with my 87-year-old mother to Europe taught me considerations for marketers in the tourism space.

The elderly love to travel but their legs and bodies are not up for all the walking that the rest of the world can do.  Based on what I learned, here is what I’d recommend for content marketing for seniors:

  • Create interesting driving tours; history tours by car, points of interest, mural sightings and outdoor art could make great content.
  • Where to find and rent mobility scooters, walkers, and assistive walking devices.
  • Highlight sightseeing activities by the amount of walking required
  • Many seniors are more dollar-conscious – if you want to fill up your restaurant early consider offering early-bird menus in addition to your happy hour menus.
  • If you offer golf cart rentals or mobility devices, be clear about the rental hours and costs on your website.  Make it easy for them to visit your location based on your mobility options and clarity of offerings.
  • If you have a central location, this is especially important to seniors as it means they have less walking to do, make sure this point is highlighted on your website.
  • Draw them in with a free drink at sunset.  Our hotel offered a free drink at sunset, so my mom wanted to go every night for our free drink, this quickly led to a second drink and ordering food in the hotel restaurant which we would not have done otherwise.  This is especially good if you have a great location to watch the sunset or a view.
  • Look for interactive light and multimedia experiences, these typically require minimal walking and are a nice alternative to museums.