How to Attract More Meeting Travel – 1 Minute PR Tip

aquarium photo

1 Minute PR Tip: Tell the visual story of the most unique meeting spaces in the world

Are you wondering how you can attract more business travel?  Stop making business travel look boring, with wide-open conference spaces and stock photos.  Promote your unique smaller venues by telling a powerful visual story.

Attracting more meetings for your destination takes planning!

First, you have to do some prep work:  Hire some models to dress in business attire and a great architectural photographer to take photos that visually tell the story in a contagious way.

Can you rent out an interactive Children’s Museum?  Have fun and make it playful.  Can you rent out an Auto Museum – take photos of your models’ mingling and having fun with your coolest cars.  Do you have a dance museum? Create a photo with ballerinas performing for a small group.  Perhaps you have an aquarium or a cruise ship on your lake?  Maybe a unique meeting space is a historic  Curate professional planned photos of your regions’ unique spaces together for a story that goes viral and tells a story that meetings don’t have to be boring in your destination.

Work with your venues to list your meeting space on unique venue websites

There are hundreds of sites that help rent meeting space, Peerspace is the Airbnb of meeting space for any reason from filming to small gatherings. Unique venues is another online site that will rent your meeting space for a small fee.  Even Airbnb has a filter for selecting space for meetings.  These services are coming to our destinations whether we like it or not.  Self-service is the future of small meetings and events.  We recommend learning about the options and taking advantage of the services to showcase your region.